Five More Kip Moore Tunes To Listen To If You Already Love His Current Single, The Reimagined “Crazy One More Time”

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If you can’t tell, I’m chomping at the bit to find out all the details for Kip Moore’s upcoming finished, but still unnamed and unofficially announced, fifth studio album.

And really, the catalyst for my excitement was the fact that he rereleased the fan-favorite “Crazy One More Time” as the lead single. He also recently tweeted that there would be 13 other, brand new songs we’ve never heard before on the new record (including a duet with Ashley McBryde).

But “Crazy” is really just scratching the surface of quite a few other songs in his catalog that are pretty similar in terms of sound and sentiment that I love just as much.

So, I wanted to put together a list of five other Kip Moore songs that are in the same vein as “Crazy” that I think you’ll love, too:

“Drive Me Crazy”

Aside from “Crazy On More Time,” this is one of the very first Kip songs I fell in love with.

It has that same wistful, nostalgic feeling and is super underrated in terms of the best songs in his catalog. He wrote it as the opening song with Keifer Thompson for his 2012 debut studio album, Up All Night.

“Heart’s Desire”

Another deep cut and fan-favorite, you’ll often hear him play this one at a live show. And when he gets up there and belts it out with just his acoustic guitar on stage, it’s pretty damn close to magic.

This one was a co-write with Dan Couch, Adam Browder and Erich Wigdahl for his 2015 Wild Ones record.

“That Was Us”

This song also brings a heaping dose of nostalgia in missing a long lost love that Kip is so good at delivering with weight and passion. A co-write by him with frequent co-writers Westin Davis and Dan Couch, it also appeared on Wild Ones.

Plus, the story behind how it came to be after Kip “poured some whiskey at four in the morning” on his bus riding through Montana is pretty cool, too.

“More Than Enough”

This. Song. I don’t even know where to start… of all of Kip’s “love songs,” even the one’s that were hit #1 singles, this is easily my favorite. Call it a hot take, or maybe even an unpopular opinion, but all the little details and lyrics are so beautiful and simple and the melody is perfect.

Kip wrote it with Josh Miller and David Garcia for his most recent studio album in 2020, Wild World, and the way he talks in first person in the second verse gets me every single time:

“I say the grass is pretty green right here
And this glass is past full baby, cheers
To you, ‘n me, to life, ‘n dreams
To all the little simple things
Like this little piece of land
That we’re on right now
If it gets any better
Hell I don’t know how”

“Plead the Fifth”

Lastly, we have another fan-favorite that was written by Luke Dick and Josh Kear for Kip’s 2017 Slowheart album. It finds him again reflecting on a lost love, and though he won’t admit it to himself or the girl, wishing things would’ve ended differently between them. He’d rather “plead the fifth,” as the title indicates, than have to own up to the fact that he still wants her.

If you’re a fan of his music, then you probably already know and love it, but if you haven’t heard it before, you might have a new favorite song:

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