A Group Of Heroic Floridians Save A Rogue Vehicle Gliding Across Busy Intersection After Driver Went Unconscious

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Usually, when you start out a blog about Florida, we’re talking about someone going to jail, usually some form of illicit substances, and there’s always rogue reptiles involved… it’s just par for the course.

But, my hope for humanity (and Florida) continues to be restored everyday.

Boynton Beach, Florida police released video footage of a black sedan, slowly gliding through traffic across an insanely busy intersection.

The police said that the unidentified driver had a medical episode while waiting at the red light, and knocked out unconscious.

As the sedan glided past a number of cars moving at high speeds, the driver of the vehicle’s co-worker, who was driving her car two lanes over, quickly got out and dodged traffic, trying to get her colleague to regain consciousness.

Then a number of other people got out of their car, risking their lives by walking across the busy intersection, and helped bring the rogue car to a stop.

Boynton Beach police spokesperson Stephanie Slater told the New York Post:

“It really restores your faith in humanity. We wanted to get this video out there and do something to honor these people.”

You can see in the footage a woman retrieving an item, and handing it to a man who used the item to smash the car’s window so he could set the parking brake.

Police said they then guided the vehicle to a convenience store and called 911.

The driver has recovered from their medical episode, and police are hailing the good Samaritans as heroes.

The department has identified most of the heroic individuals, and plan to honor them Friday, as well as reunite the good Samaritans with the driver.

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