Montreal Canadiens GM Says He Will NOT Be Picking His Son With The 1st Overall Pick

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The Montreal Canadiens are in quite the odd spot right now.

After a 2021 appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals, the team did a full 180 and wound at the bottom of the barrel. After a horrendous start to the season back in January, the Canadiens fired their old GM, and hired Kent Hughes in replacement.

It’s his first stint as an NHL GM, and he’s got the difficult job of building a struggling team back up.

However, that may not be the biggest problem he’ll face this year…

Because his son, Jack, is a consensus first round pick for this year’s draft, and sure enough, the Canadiens have the first overall pick.

Maybe some possible father/son collusion going on here, aye?

When asked about the strange situation, Kent laughed it off and said:

“Jack is not going to be our number one overall pick, I can promise you that!”

Ouch… cold, dad.

Of course, Jack had to respond:

“Big mistake!”

Obviously, Kent would love to draft his son first overall, but he’s not a #1 caliber player. He’s a good player and probably a first rounder, but not the overall #1.


However, many believe that the Canadiens will select Shane Wright, an 18-year-old that’s currently playing for the Kingston Frontenacs in the OHL.

With 32 goals with 62 assists in 63 games last season, he’s the obvious choice.

Nevertheless, it’s all in all an incredibly rare and funny situation, one that probably has never happened before.

The 2022 NHL draft will be held July 7th through the 8th at the Bell Centre in Montreal, of all places.

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