Bad*ss Mama Deer Stomps The Hell Out Of Bobcat Attacking Her Fawn… But She Might’ve Been Too Late

Mama don’t play…

A bobcat is a pure predator, although taking a deer down is usually on the larger and rarer side of what they target. Despite their clearly incredible hunting skills, rabbits are more in their typical size range.

But, evidenced by this wild video, they’re more than capable of handling a young fawn.

The trail cam from Hanover, Illinois captures a still of the bobcat upending the fawn from behind, sinking its claws into the fawn’s hindquarters.

The bobcat in the next scene, which is now live video, is wrestling the fawn and it seems to have ahold of its neck. The fawn kicks for its life but the bobcat seems to have excellent control of the situation.

But then, the mother doe comes to the rescue.

Kicking the ever-living shit out of the bobcat, she stomps and stomps and walks right over him trying to save her child. Honestly, she must have hit her own fawn she was stomping so wild.

The bobcat gets up and runs off… but was it too little too late?

Yes, yes it was.

Another reminder nature is cruel and these animals have some hardships. There’s no doubt after seeing that doe stomp the bobcat that she would be a sad ol’ deer when she realized her young was gone.

The doe stays around and defends for a bit with her fawn motionless on the ground. Then she leaves and surprise, the bobcat comes back and gets few good meals worth of venison out of the ordeal.

Either way, that is some wild stuff.

Never have I seen a bobcat take out a deer like that, and then a deer fight one off, let alone in the same video.

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