Absolutely MASSIVE Bear Tries To Steal Hunter’s Kill In Alaska

Nightmare fuel right there.

I mean, there’s nothing worse than shooting a nice animal, proud and happy with the hunt and then a big ol’ bear comes along and changes that moment, scaring the ever-living shit right out of ya, and on top of it, stealing your kill.

This video is out of Bear Mountain, near Sitka, Alaska, and it’s short, but it captures that awful hunting scenario.

The man begins yelling at the bear, who at the beginning of the video, remains out of view. It’s almost hard to believe this big girl could hide anywhere when you finally see her. An absolute balloon of a bear comes wandering over to the kill.

I’ve never seen a bear that round and I’ve seen some round bears. A person has to wonder how something like that is walking up and down those hills and over of the down trees. Not exactly my idea of peak performance, but it appears as though she’s eatin’ good.

The sow seems largely unbothered by the shouts and apparently, she really wasn’t bothered.

“While hunting up Bear Mountain alone, I shot a doe, and within a minute, a big sow shows up. I gave her a warning shot and yelled at her for over 10 minutes”

He even fired a shot at her and it wasn’t a huge deterrent, but at the end of the day, this fat bear ended up wandering off and the hunter got away with his doe.

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