Ultimate Dad Criminal Mows Texas Homeowner’s Lawn Before Stealing From Them

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You can take a dad out of a life of crime, but you can’t take the dad out of a criminal.

According to ABC 13, in Port Arthur, Texas, police are looking for a man (probably wearing a pair of freshly grass-stained Nike Air Monarchs) that was seen on surveillance footage mowing a homeowner’s lawn at around 8 PM.

Only problem… he didn’t own the yard, or the mower. And then he tried to steal it…

The incident occurred April 1, and footage shows the burglar, now identified as Marcus Hubbard, taking the time to even fill up the push mower with gas.

However, it’s hard to know if the mower was ever turned on, as the footage doesn’t have sound, but there appears to be a couple stripes on the lawn after he’s made his way through, although police said there was no debris or grass clippings.

According to officials, when police arrived to the scene, Hubbard took off, dragging the mower with him, but ultimately had to leave it behind.

Now, the culprit has an outstanding warrant for his arrest for burglary of a building.

I’m just curious as to what was going on in Hubbard’s head. Did he feel so guilty for taking the owner’s mower, that his conscience made him mow their lawn? Was he so high that he thought he was mowing his own lawn?

Is he just the ultimate dad criminal who, even though he has succumbed to a life of crime, still can’t stand the sight of an unkept lawn?

I guess he’s the only one that knows…

Get ready.

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