Tyler Childers Performs Unreleased New Song, “Rustin’ In The Rain,” During Healing Appalachia Benefit Concert

If you didn’t get a chance to catch Tyler Childers on the virtual livestream of An Evening With Healing Appalachia benefit concert, first of all, you missed out, but second of all, you’ll get a chance to see him live in person at the Healing Appalachia in person concert later this fall.

The livestream raised money for projects and nonprofits to combat the opioid addiction that has plagued Appalachia for a number of years.

Over a week ago, Childers blessed us with his incredible rendition of S.G. Goodman’s “Space & Time,” while also admitting that he doesn’t tour nearly as much as he used to, and that’s the way he likes it.

Today, we have yet another clip from the benefit, and this time, he unveiled a new song titled “Rustin’ In The Rain.”

It’s one he’s been playing during his live shows recently, along with a handful of others that may or may not be titled “Luke,” “Phone Calls & Emails,” and “Mammoth Jacks.”

Needless to say, from the sneak peaks of new music we’ve heard from Childers thus far, we have a lot to look forward to when he finally announces that next album… whenever that may be.

He also prefaced the song with a nice little story about homegrown tomatoes.

“Rustin’ In The Rain”

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