Jerry Jones Car Accident: Video Shows Jones’ Car T-Boning A Door Dash Driver Who Was Making An Improper Left Turn

Last week, news broke that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was involved in a car wreck, where he was then taken to a hospital to treat minor injuries.

Now, we have a few more details about what went down during the wreck.

Footage from the crash obtained by TMZ showed the a silver car attempting a left hand turn from the right lane, when Jerry Jones’ sedan t-boned the silver car, sending the car’s wheels into the air for a short amount of time.

In the footage, you can also see Jones standing out of his car, and walking to the other vehicle.

According to NBC 5, the silver car was making a Door Dash delivery when the wreck happened, and he told police:

“That while driving southbound on Harry Hines Boulevard he realized he needed to make a left turn onto Wolf Street.

The driver slowed down at the intersection, coming also to a stop, then made an improper turn from the far right lane putting him directly in the path of Jerry Jones’ car, according to the crash report.”

There is no word on how fast Jones’ vehicle was traveling, or if he was the driver or passenger.

Either way, that was  pretty heavy impact…

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