Ryan Bingham On The Possibility Of Walker Leaving Yellowstone For The Four Sixes: “He’s Been Running From A Lot Of Things”

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Will Walker be sticking around the Dutton Ranch?

Only time will tell.

With the number of spinoffs and prequel series Taylor Sheridan is working on in his vast Yellowstone Universe, one of the first we heard about was the Four Sixes spinoff, down at the iconic Four Sixes ranch in West Texas.

The modern day spinoff was rumored to star Jimmy and Walker (Jefferson White and Ryan Bingham), and while Taylor Sheridan spearheaded a group of investors to actually purchase the ranch itself, no news about the show has been revealed.

That being said, Taylor did utilize a large part of Yellowstone Season 4 to set the table for it.

So will Walker actually be there? Let’s ask Ryan Bingham himself.

In a new interview with Pop Culture, Ryan Bingham weighed in on Walker’s future on the show, and whether or not, he’ll be headed down to the Four Sixes with Jimmy.

And like every other actor in a Taylor Sheridan show, Ryan has no clue, but doesn’t quite think he’ll make the trip:

“I really don’t know. I think he’s been running from a lot of things in his past and not sure if he’d want to go back to where he just came from.

So, I don’t know. I guess it would have to just depend on the incentives.”

At the end of the day, Ryan trusts Taylor’s vision and feels lucky to participate. And he also admits that he kind of likes not knowing what’s in store… every day breeds new possibilities:

“Man, I just trust Taylor. Go where it goes. There’s so many moving parts to that thing, and there’s so many different characters that he’s having to write for.

I feel just kind of blessed and awesome to have the opportunity to get to be here.

And I kind of like not knowing, to be honest with you. It’s kind of interesting. I show up and I’m like, ‘What is going on today?’

And then even when you do find out, he’ll rewrite it at the last minute, or whatever.”

Yellowstone Season 5 starts filming this month, with a target premiere date of late summer.

Season 5 will also expand to 14 episode, split into two installments of 7 episodes, as opposed to the standard 10 episodes of the first four seasons.

And the same way that Season 4 was used to introduce fans to 1883, and set the table for the Four Sixes spinoff, Season 5 will do the same, and be used to launch several new shows from Taylor Sheridan.

Get excited.

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