Two Big Ol’ Black Bears Go Head To Head In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

A couple of bears sit near each other


I mean, wildlife is just amazing… there ain’t no other way to put it.

With increasing urban sprawl occurring, we don’t have much of a choice but to have more interactions with wildlife.

And Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in the Great Smoky Mountains, is one of the primo destinations for spotting black bears in America. Simply put, they’re just everywhere.

Even chilling in hot tubs…

Bears in particular love to be around humans taking advantage of the stupidity and generosity of us all. Whether its garbage bins, gardens or going into chicken coops, they just seem to love the easy pickin’s for a good meal.

Sometimes however, black bear interactions aren’t that simple. It can result in charges, one following you curiously, or even attacks. It is just part of nature at the end of the day. Knowing how to handle these situations is important when you’re going to be in bear country.

This is video captures an insane moment of two mature black bears absolutely going crazy on each other.

It’s rare to witness something like this and even rarer to capture it on video. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of black bears, never have I seen an sort of scuffle between them.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency released it stating that BJ and Micah Campbell had “ringside seats” to the scrap that took place. They watched it from their garage and the two bears lose it.

The video starts immediately into the action. One bear in almost human fashion grabs the other and body slams it landing on top getting the better end of the deal. That doesn’t stop the other from fighting back. Ultimately the larger one who did the body slamming comes out on top as the other bear starts to run away and gets chased off.

This is a wild sequence of events and not something you see every day. Also, it a weird time of the year for bears to be fighting like that. TWRA summed up what they think happened.

“This video was captured while the Campbell’s were safe inside a garage but shows how strong and aggressive these magnificent creatures can be.

While it’s a little bit early for bears to engage in battle for dominance during breeding season, we believe it may have been a dispute over a food source considering the size of both animals.”

A hungry bear will do a lot to get fed. That’s why we need to be careful in the springtime when there are less food sources in most locations.

Either way, this is an event I would pay to see. There’s more action in this then some MMA fights.

Big bears gotta eat…

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