Parker McCollum Pulls On The Heart Strings With Unreleased New Song He Wrote For A Friend’s Wedding

Parker McCollum Country Music

Parker McCollum knows how to pull on the heart strings.

He posted an acoustic video yesterday on Instagram, playing an unreleased song he says he wrote for a friend’s wedding.

But seeing as he recently got married himself, I have to wonder if he really wrote it for his wife, Hallie Ray.

Either way, it’s a beautiful, simple song about how in love he is as he draws comparisons to the everlasting dryness of West Texas and her captivating blue eyes:

“As long as the west side of Texas is dry,
As long as the moon comes out at night,
As long as there’s blue insides your eyes,
As long as the days in the summer time,
As long as they’ll let me call you mine”

Though we haven’t heard any news in the way of new stuff from Parker coming anytime soon, fans were already begging for a studio version in the comments.

And I have to agree, I hope we get to hear the full version one day, too.

Check it out:

“Wrote this song for my buddies wedding. Turned out kinda cool.”

Parker previously penned a song about his now-wife, Hallie Ray, when they were still dating, appropriately titled “Hallie Ray Light”:

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