Morgan Wallen Releases “Thought You Should Know,” A Heartfelt Tribute To His Mom Just In Time For Mother’s Day

Morgan Wallen knocked it outta the park with this one.

He just released another single, “Thought You Should Know,” as a tribute to his mom, Lesli, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Just a couple of weeks ago, right before Easter, Morgan dropped the deeply personal “Don’t Think Jesus,” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart and has quickly become a fan-favorite.

And this one features a pretty simple production and some fantastic lyrics in the form of a letter or message to his mom after Morgan realizes how long it’s been since he’s been home.

He admits that he’s been making some bad decisions and chasing things he shouldn’t, and wants to reassure her that “all those prayers… finally made their way through”:

“I thought you should know
That all those prayers you thought you wasted on me

Must’ve finally made their way on through
I thought you should know
I got me a new girl down in Jefferson City, and
She lets me fish whenever I want to

Yeah, I’m still proud of where I came from
Still your only damn son
Can you believe I’m on the radio?
Just thought you should know”

I can’t imagine a better Mother’s Day present from your son than a song like this…

After he posted the acoustic version, Miranda Lambert revealed that she co-wrote the song with Morgan, along with Nashville hitmaker Nicolle Galyon, commenting on the video:

“Thanks for letting me and Nicolle Galyon write this special song with you. Sounds great.”

With a ton of steel, I’m loving the more traditional sound from Morgan’s last few songs. This one’s another a solid release, and of course, like anything he does these days, is expected to be another massive hit:

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