Josh Meloy Drowns His Sorrows With New Single “Can’t Put The Bottle Down”

If you’re a fan of red dirt and country rock, it’s about time you get on the Josh Meloy train.

The 28-year-old Oklahoma native has one of the most unique, powerful, and gritty voices you’ve ever heard, and can get you feeling some type of way with every song he sings.

He’s got his rock, kickass boot stompers with “Met the Devil in Oklahoma,” and “Natural Born Killer,” with other songs that will have you figuring out where it all went wrong, like “Washington Street” and “Ups And Downs.”

With that being said, the man dropped his latest single today, called “Can’t Put the Bottle Down.”

This one’s a good ol’ heartbreak song with a western honky tonk feel, as Meloy sings about drowning his sorrows in the whiskey after his significant other left him.

You can hear it loud and clear in the chorus:

“Just pour me another glass of whiskey if you will
There must be a hole in the bottle cuz I just can’t get my fill
Come noon tomorrow I’ll pick myself up off the ground
Yeah I love to drown my sorrows
But I can’t put the bottle down”

Check it out:

And if you’re a fan of this one, he also released a killer acoustic “van jam” version:

And of course Josh recently joined us on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, so give it a listen and get to know this mega-talented up and comer a little better:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock