Former NFL Star Chris Long Accidentally Drank His Own Dip Spit On A His Podcast, And I Have PTSD Just Watching It

A person wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses holding a bottle of beer

I’m fully convinced that accidentally drinking dip spit might be one of the worst things that can happen to you on this planet.

First, you’re thinking in your mind you’re about to take a sip of beer, soda, sweet tea, whatever, and then you get hit with that God awful minty, disgusting flavor instead… you’ve been sneak-attacked and it sucks.

Then, you feel it straight in the pit of your stomach, and you have no other choice but to yak it back up, and the rest of your night is a wash. Head spinning, seeing stars, your whole world goes dark.

Top 10 worst experience ever for me, no doubt.

With that being said, former Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles defensive end, and two-time Super Bowl champ, Chris Long made that exact brutal mistake, in an episode of his Greenlight podcast.

You see him carrying on with the podcast, until he picks up a can of Liquid Death…

But it’s the wrong can of Liquid Death. It was his own spittoon…

He pauses, realizing the awful mistake he had just made, and you can see his soul immediately leave his body. He spits it out, and proceeds to run straight to the bathroom to throw it back up.

WARNING: This video may cause PTSD from your own experiences.

However, he gave updates on his status, and it appears he’s surviving:

And lucky for him (I guess as lucky as you can get in this situation), it was his own dip spit:

Also, pray for this guy:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock