Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Hospitalized After Car Wreck

Jerry Jones sitting in a chair

All is not well in Jerry World.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was involved in a car wreck last night, that led to him being taken to a local hospital for precautionary measure, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The source who alerted the outlet about the accident said the 79-year-old and longtime Cowboys owner will be “fine.” The Cowboys’ executive vice president and Jones’ son Stephen Jones also confirmed that “he is all good.”

The crash happened around 8 PM near Harry Hines Boulevard and Wolf Street in Uptown Dallas.

A Dallas police spokesperson said that Jones’ involvement in the incident cannot be confirmed, citing department practice, but did confirm that officers responded to a crash at that location.

Jones has been put through the ringer already in 2022, as 25-year-old Alexandra Davis filed a lawsuit earlier this year, claiming that Jones was her father and she wanted DNA testing done.

However, she dropped the lawsuit, and only asked for the DNA test.

That being said, the Boys are looking to repeat last season’s success in winning the division, but aspire to do some more damage in the playoffs. It’s Super Bowl or bust right now…

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