Charles Wesley Godwin Does Some Front Porch Pickin’ Of Another Unreleased Song And I’m Already Ready For A New Album

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Is it too soon to start asking Charles Wesley Godwin to put out a new album?

It’s only been a few months since Charles dropped his incredible sophomore album, How the Mighty Fall. And it’s one I’ve had on repeat pretty much since it came out.

Every time I listen to his music I pick up something new in the lyrics, or have a new favorite song from the last time I listened to the album, even if I’ve heard them all 100 times by now (and I definitely have).

But since releasing the album, Charles has continued to put out some new music on his social media and YouTube channel.

Back in February he broke open the songwriter notebook and gave us “Two Weeks Gone,” a song that clearly drew on his personal experiences from being on the road and rushing to get back home to his family.

And now, we’ve got another one fresh out of the notebook. (Just release the whole damn notebook at this point Charles. Nobody will mind).

The latest one is called “Family Ties,” and it finds Charles reflecting on all of the things that keep him tied to his family and his home in the mountains of West Virginia.

And just like most of his stuff, Charles Wesley Godwin on his front porch with just a guitar is better than just about anything coming out of Nashville these days.

So is it too early to ask for that next album? I need to see what other gold is hidden away in that notebook.

Oh, and go ahead and throw this one on there too. Thanks.

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