Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky 2” Is Unquestionably The Worst Remix In The History Of Music

Good God almighty, I’m bleeding from my eyes.

We all know and love Billy Ray Cyrus’ one hit wonder song, “Achy Breaky Heart.” It’s a guilty pleasure song that defined and era, and as cheesy as it is, you’re lying if you hate it.

Billy Ray rode the song until the wheels fell off, and then he became relevant again with Hannah Montana, and then once more for his remix of “Old Town Road.”

However, little did I know that the OG hit would lead to probably the worst remix to ever exist on this planet…

“Achy Breaky 2,” with rapper-producer Buck 22.

Imagine that dude from high school who lived in a trailer park, said he made “sick beats,” and constantly asked you to look him up on MySpace, only to come across the most atrocious rap music you’ve ever heard…

That’s “Achy Breaky 2,” but even worse…

And to make matters worse, they somehow got the late great Larry King to open up this music video. Did he know what he was getting into? Did he choose to be apart of maybe the worst remix in the existence of remixes?

On top of that, the music video is based around Billy Ray and Buck 22 getting abducted by a bunch of aliens that are dressed like the strippers that work on the bad side of town.

I mean, the sequel is never as good as the original, but got DAMN this is an all-time low…

Watch at your own risk:

Let’s cleanse the palate a little, shall we?

Here’s ol’ Billy Ray in peak form from the MDA Telethon in 1994:

Billy Ray Cyrus And Snoop Dogg Team Up For “A Hard Working Man”

I thought I was being pranked when I opened up Spotify and saw a new song that featured both Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus.

But nope, it’s real.

The song is called “A Hard Working Man,” and for this one Snoop and Billy Ray teamed up with R&B group The Avila Brothers. Talk about an interesting combination.

I gotta admit, I was really hoping this was a cover of “Hard Working Man” by Brooks & Dunn, but this is a brand new song. But how great would it have been to hear Snoop and Billy Ray cover some Brooks & Dunn?

Honestly, the new song isn’t that bad. Billy Ray has obviously shown off his R&B/rap chops before with the mega-hit “Old Town Road,” so venturing back into this genre shouldn’t be a big surprise.

But Billy Ray AND Snoop?

Wasn’t expecting that one this Friday morning.

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