Matthew McConaughey Reveals How He Battles Hangovers & Why He Doesn’t Say: “I’m Never Doing That Again”

Woody Harrelson McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright… it’s time for another dose of that phenomenal Matthew McConaughey wisdom we all love.

He’ll kick your ass into gear with his Oscar acceptance speech, he’ll fire you up before the big game, he’ll get you pounding your chest, hell, he can even talk religion or Coronavirus and leave you inspired and motivated to be a better person.

And while all of that is well and good, we need something tangible, something results-driven that we can use right now, something like… how the hell do you battle a damn hangover?

McConaughey joined Dax Shephard’s Armchair Expert Podcast and Dax had been dying to ask him one question.

And that was, how does he have the willpower and the “constitution,” as Dax put it, to function the next morning after a long night of cutting up.

McConaughey gave the answer that only he could give:

“Discipline, I’d say would be one of my strengths…  I never have been one of those people that the next day goes, ‘Oh God, I’m never doing that again.’ Well, bullshit, you are.

Also, I check in the night before, and say, ‘Ok what do we got tomorrow morning?’ You know, what’s my situation here now, what do we got tomorrow morning? If we don’t start till 11, eh that’s pretty easy. Oh, we start at 7? Ok ok, risk-reward here… How are we measuring this?

Look at the group… what’s everyone pouring? Is this night on the way down or we about to switch into third gear and go up? And then I gotta go, ‘Ok.’ And if choose to say ok, the rockets are gonna launch and this could go till sunrise.

So I get my mind right. I’ll go head off that night, look in the mirror and go, ‘Hey buddy, this is going to suck tomorrow morning. Now we’re going to bulldog through this.

We’re not going to make any excuses, we’re gonna get up an hour and a half early, we’re gonna go run and sweat this damn thing out and tomorrow is gonna be hard… but are you in?’

And we’ll shake on it or not. And then the next morning just go, ‘Here we go man, ride the baseline.'”


No secret recipe, no magical cure… just good old fashioned, hard-nosed, no excuses, put on your big boy pants and cowboy up willpower.

Gotta say, I was hoping from something much easier…

But hey, maybe pour yourself a few fingers of Longbranch Bourbon and find out…

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A beer bottle on a dock