NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch Drops The R-Word (Again) Over The Radio At Dover

Kyle Busch NASCAR

Here we go again.

If you remember back to Martinsville last fall, NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch found himself in hot water for dropping the r-word in reference to Brad Keselowski.

He also added colorful language about whooping his ass:

Rowdy went off on Brad Keselowski who ran through the back of him after the final turn of the race.

Both drivers were fighting for the final playoff spot, but with Martin Truex Jr. right behind them, nobody was getting in.

In the gassed up post race interview, Kyle called the move from Brad “frickin’ retarded” and said that he should “beat the shit out of him right now.”

“He drills my ass coming out of 4 for no reason… where was he going? What was he going to do? Spin me out? He was trying to do a Harvick is what he was trying to do.

For what? For second place? To do what? He wasn’t going to transfer through with that. It’s freaking retarded. So stupid.

I should beat the shit out of him right now is what I should do. But that doesn’t do me any good either.”

Kyle apologized and was forced to undergo sensitivity training, but… is he in for it again?

This past Sunday at Dover, Ryan Blaney stayed out when most of the field pitted during Stage 2, and despite running on old tires, he hung on to win the stage. A strategy that seemed to cost him later in the race when a couple of untimely cautions got him shuffled to the back of the pack and a lap or two down.

Anyways, after Blaney held off Kyle Busch to win the stage, Kyle came through on the radio with some more r-word antics:

“That’s f*cking retarted. So f*cking stupid.”

In the heat of the moment, battling for a Stage win, driver should probably be granted some leeway for what comes out of their mouth on the radio, but something tells me NASCAR probably has a “no exceptions” policy for a word like that.

Kyle gonna have to pull up a seat next to Denny Hamlin…

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