Absolute Mad Man Climbs The 61-Story Salesforce Tower In San Francisco… Gets Arrested

A person from a window

Imagine waking up one morning, catching a case of the fuck arounds, and deciding to climb one of the tallest buildings in the U.S…

Couldn’t be me…

However, this might’ve been the case for this guy, who scaled the 61-floor, 1,070 foot Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, California.

Video has been circulating over the past few hours of the man, who’s been identified as 22-year-old Madison Deschamps from Las Vegas, according to NBC Bay Area, scaling the improbable tower.

He’s also been identified as an anti-abortion protestor.

Of course, law enforcement was awaiting Deschamps at the top of the tower and taking him into custody for trespassing and resisting arrest, but I don’t know if I should call this dude a legend, or a complete moron.

He had 61 opportunities to change his mind, as the whole building is basically covered in windows (not sure how many open), but he kept pushing through.

My palms are getting sweaty just watching this…

I mean… HELL NO…

Self described “pro life Spider Man,” eh?

Let’s roll the tape:

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A beer bottle on a dock