Viral Kid Rock Vs Bruce Springsteen Twitter Poll Has To Be The Funniest Thing On The Internet

Bruce Springsteen, Kid Rock country music
Danny Clinch

When it comes to Kid Rock and Bruce Springsteen, there really is no comparison.

One was “Born to Run,” and the other “Born Free.” One is a rock and roll legend, the other, a self-proclaimed rock and roll Jesus…

However, their music styles aren’t the only massive difference between the two…

It’s well known that Bruce Springsteen has been a longtime Democrat and Kid Rock is a staunch Conservative, which of course is what promoted this hilarious unofficial fan poll that has taken over the internet in the past few days.

Twitter user @AromaLady2 posted the simple question on Twitter:

“Bruce Springsteen or Kid Rock”

For Miss Aroma Lady… the answer was clear:

“Kid rock hands down the best performer and a true patriot.”

Tough to be a true patriot…

Needless to say, the question set the internet ablaze, with thousands of people chiming in to share their opinions.

And while it’s hard to objectively argue that based on merit alone, Kid Rock is better than Bruce Springsteen, music is subjective, and the Bob Ritchie fans were more than happy to plead his case.


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