Drone Fishing Gone Wrong: Big Bass Pulls It Down Into Water

Drone fishing? Never heard of it before, but it doesn’t surprise me too much.

But a little bit of  fun and a good laugh can come at a hefty price apparently. Anyone know if this drone is waterproof? I bet this guy is hoping so…

“We are going topwater fishing for Bass and were not bringing rod and reels”

Carry on, I’m intrigued.

“We are actually using my drone”

The drone is then seen taking off as a man holds a water top lure and lets it go as the drone flies away with it. The man flies it out and lowers the drone enough so the lure hits the water. He starts “fishing” as he takes the drone down the pond a circles back up through the middle.

The anticipation builds as he comes back up through in front of the cameraman as you closely watch the lure. Out of nowhere something grabs the lure as the drones buzz seems to change.

A fish is on!

As the pilot pulls the drone up it struggles but lifts the fish out of the water and it is a nice one, especially for drone fishing for the first time.

“Oh my God! Hahahaha”

“Oh NO!”

Just as soon as it hooks the bass and pulls it up, it takes a dive back into the water.

Welp, that would send your heart to your throat. I guess the drone wasn’t weighted for a bass that big.

The footage switches to bird’s eye view from the drone., which shows the bass coming up, AKA way better then the shore footage.

The man then rushes out into the water to grab his drone and the fish still attached to the line.

He gets ahold of both and doesn’t seem overly impressed, but I would bet a pretty penny this fella feels pretty stupid. A few hundred bucks for an average bass? Not worth it…

Either way, I’m not complaining this guy wrecked his drone for our entertainment It was a great video to watch.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock