California Mom Under Fire For Being On Phone While Her Toddler Gets Attacked By A Coyote At Huntington Beach

Mom of the year…

A viral video of a coyote attacking a young child in Huntington Beach, California, has viewers outraged at mom for being too preoccupied with her phone to notice what was going on.

According to Fox News LA, a mom and her two children were out on the beach the other night when a coyote attacked one of the children near the Huntington Beach Pier.

The girl, who is believed to be about 2-3 years old, was bitten on her face and transported to the hospital for treatment. She will be tested for rabies, and while the girl’s injuries were quite substantial, she is expected to make a full recovery.

Coyotes rely on speed and surprise to quickly attack their prey, but the people who have viewed the frightening video are calling out the two adults for not noticing the vicious attack.

You can see the the coyote pounce on the poor kid, biting at the child’s face and neck for a good 12 seconds while the oblivious adults seemingly take pictures of the ocean.

And not surprisingly, the comments on the video showed no mercy for mom:

“This is insane. The adult female in charge of the kid didn’t care at all. She was too busy with her phone. She should be prosecuted.

“Whoa Seriously? The mother didn’t even care, as a parent I’m devastated for the poor child, outraged at the lack of concern, like OMG people!”

“Everyone’s just having careless fun even the coyote . wow mom of the year!”

“So grateful for the lightning quick reflexes of the child’s caregivers. Otherwise the child may have really been hurt.”

“A classic case of “not every parent deserves a child”.”

“Wow the mom was clearly too busy on the phone and didn’t react fast enough to even check on her screaming child?”

“Careless parents/guardians at its finest. Look at them! Not even a tiny bit worried even after seeing what happened. Amazing.”

“Has a close encounter with a coyote sees it bite the kids face and goes back to texting. Despicable.”

“Are they sure the coyote was attacking the toddler and not just trying to save it from the horrible mother.”

“CPS should visit her at least Karen’s friend had her kid by her side neither seemed to be fazed by the attack.”

“Freaking amazing. Two adults were there and acted like nothing was happening. The human being species are turning to shit.”

“And the parent of the year award goes to…”

“Instead of putting the coyote down they should have put the parents down.”

“And the parent of the year award goes to…”


“These adults were negligent. They should face consequences for that. Child neglect is a crime.”

And while the reaction seems pretty abhorrent, I’ll play Devil’s advocate here for a second…”

If you’ve ever stood by the ocean at night, the waves crashing can be extremely loud. The wind is blowing, the waves are crashing, I would imagine it’s pretty difficult to hear the kid screaming. Second, it’s pretty dark so I imagine they couldn’t see the blood on the kid’s face.

And finally, based on how far the kid runs after the attack, it appears as though the kid is further away from the shoreline that the video makes it appear.

All of that being said, pretty tough look for mom who doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about her child. Hopefully the kiddo is ok… the video is pretty terrifying. If you’re out on the beach in Orange County, keep that head on a swivel.

According to CBS News Los Angeles, the coyote has since been captured and will be euthanized, along with a few more coyotes found on the beach.

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