Halyna Hutchins’ Family Slams New Mexico Police For Releasing Body Cam Footage Following Her Death

Alec Baldwin

This past week, Santa Fe, New Mexico Sheriff’s Office released the body cam footage, following Alec Baldwin’s accidental shooting and killing of cinemaphotographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust.

In the body cam footage, we’ve seen Baldwin talking everything over with police, and rookie armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed crying about how her career is “f*cked.”

It also showed paramedics trying to save the 42-year-old Hutchins.

With that being said, it appears that the victim’s family is not happy about the footage being released for public viewing.

Brian Parish, the lawyer representing Hutchins’ husband, Matthew, and their young son, said the video’s release violates their constitutional rights and called Sheriff Adan Mendoza to retract it, according to the LA Times

He said:

“The first time Mr. Hutchins saw the disturbing and unsettling video footage of his dying wife lying on the church floor was on Radar Online, an internet website.

The potential consequences are disturbing given how information is misused on social media. We fear, for example, that this shocking footage of Andros’ mother dying may be material used by bullies to emotionally abuse him in the future.

Your office trampled on the constitutional rights of the Hutchins. The damage your office has done is irreparable.

Taking down the video will end your office’s complicity in causing further harm.”

Under New Mexico law, the victims’ families have the right to review materials like body cam footage before they are released. However, the sheriff’s office said it was complying with state laws, which require it to make records publicly accessible.

Frightening video, apparently taken moments before Hutchins was killed, was also released, showing Baldwin rehearsing a “cross draw” on set.

Hutchins was behind the camera, and Baldwin is sitting in a pew, dressed in his 1880s western gear, rehearsing whipping out the 45 Long Colt Revolver that went off and ultimately killed the cinemaphotographer.

Cops initially said Baldwin was practicing the move, which involves pointing the gun at the camera, in the moments leading up to the shooting.

Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas of Quinn Emanuel, told the New York Post:

“Mr. Baldwin welcomes this investigation. The information that has been revealed by the authorities demonstrates, once again, that Mr. Baldwin acted responsibly and did not have control over any production issues that were identified in the OSHA report.” 

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