Eric Church & Chris Janson Team Up For Bone-Chilling Murder Ballad, “You, Me & The River”

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The harmonica playin’, Mountain Dew sippin’, good ol’ boy from Missouri is back with a brand new album.

Titled All In, it’s the fourth career studio album from Chris Janson, featuring the lead single “Bye Mom” and newly announced follow up single, “Keys To The Country.”

Janson co-wrote every song on the album with the exception of one, a spine-chilling little murder ballad written none other than Eric Church.

A solo write from Chief, “You, Me & The River,” kicks off with our anti-hero waist deep in the Arkansas clay, digging a grave for the poor soul who dared to tangle with his lover, Clementine.

But cheaters don’t get off easy in this story either…

No, they sure don’t… and it looks like the boys in blue are gonna be dragging the mighty Mississippi if they wanna find her.

Here’s a look at the sinister chorus:

“Hey buddy, hey buddy ain’t that Mississippi muddy
And this time of year, she takes what you give her
So tonight I’ll lay me down to sleep
And pray my soul and a secret to keep
Between you, me, and a river…”

Now, that’s a damn murder ballad.

Eric Church also co-wrote another song on the album, although he doesn’t lend his vocals to this one.

Titled “Flag On The Wall,” it’s a commentary on the hard times facing regular ol’ folks in middle America both historically, and right now.

And yet, through those difficult times, folks do what they can to get by, still holding true to the values and principles that this country was founded on… the “Bible on the table, and the flag on the wall.”

“Flag On The Wall”

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