Headless, Freshly Skinned Rattlesnake Still Moving Around Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

Nightmare fuel…

Obviously, wildlife all has the chance of moving after being dead, some species more so then others. Snakes are even known to continue to move while headless, much like chickens.

However, if I skinned and gutted a snake I would not at all expect it to come back to life like this.

Clearly, the people in the video are “rattled” too (couldn’t resist).

“OUUUU shit there we go, he is pissed off at me now!”

It does not at all look like rattlesnake. Completely pink in color from its bare meat showing…

Moving around like nothing has happened to it, just casually back from the dead.

“And he is gutted and dead! HA HA”

The people can’t believe it. Neither can I.

Snakes man, they’re something else…

“The other snake is already dead, he just laying there like a piece of dead wood, this snake over here ain’t finished yet”

The commentary just makes this video absolutely amazing.

The man then grabs the moving zombie snake and flips it over. He shows the bottom of the snake to prove it has been gutted. There is nothing left to the snake except meat and bone.

And the snake just keeps on moving around.

“Ahh, look at that, he is pissed off”

The man chuckles at the snake as it moves around ready for a defensive attack without any of the gear needed to defend. It has already lost but won’t stop.

I mean, it’s harmless… but still, just downright creepy.

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