Kyle Schwarber After Going Bonkers On Notoriously Awful Umpire Angel Hernandez: “I’m Not Here To Bury Anyone, But It Wasn’t Very Good”

Kyle Schwarber

If you have any common knowledge about MLB baseball, you know that Angel Hernandez umpires about as well as Ronnie Milsap.

Seriously, it’s almost like he intentionally makes God awful calls just to see if he can get a player or manager to go off the rails on him.

Last night, Ol’ Angel was in PEAK form as the Milwaukee Brewers squared off against the Philadelphia Phillies, calling balls strikes, even if they were half a foot outside the strike zone.

The Brewers led 1-0 going into the bottom of the ninth inning, and a number of Hernandez’s horrible calls had potentially cost the Phillies a chance to tie, or even take the lead throughout the game.

Finally, when Milwaukee closer Josh Hader threw a 3-2 pitch to Kyle Schwarber that missed the strike zone and Hernandez called it strike three, Schwarber snapped.

He threw his bat and immediately got into Hernandez’s face, appearing to tell him how shitty of a night he was having calling balls and strikes as he was being thrown out of the game.

And we’re talking a blow up of comically epic proportions.

“All fucking night, the whole night, on both sides… fucking horseshit!”

Needless to say, Schwarber had a lot on his mind following the awful calls, and had this to say to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“I’m not here to bury anyone, but it wasn’t very good. It just wasn’t very good.”

He also declined to talk about what he said to Hernandez in the heated argument:

“That can stay between me and him.”

He then told The Athletic that he was making a stand for other players:

“I think guys let him know. We thought they were off the plate. There just wasn’t an adjustment made. I guess that comes back to us.

When that’s happening, we have to make an adjustment. But it’s tough when balls in really big spots get called strikes.” noted that six batters struck out looking last night, four from the Phillies and two from the Brewers, and showed that none of the called third strikes were in the zone.

Schwarber told

“I’m all for umpires. I’m not against them. I’m pro-umpire. I don’t want the electronic strike zone. I like the element of sometimes pitches don’t get called. Guys don’t receive it well or whatever it is. It’s an enjoyable part of the game.

But when you have things that are getting called off the plate with really good pitching on their side, it can be harder to score. You saw on both sides that it was a harder game to score.”

Hernandez was the lowest-rated home plate umpire yesterday out of all the MLB games played.

I mean, look at this pitch…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock