John R. Miller Is Back At The Barbershop With An Unreleased Song Called “Outset Of The Breeze”

There’s isn’t much better than John R. Miller acoustic, that’s for damn sure.

The West Virginia native’s 2021 album Depreciated was easily one of the best albums of the year (top 10 according to the Whiskey Riff Year End Top 40), and while that featured a heavy dose of acoustic guitar, his series of videos in barbershops, warehouses, and fireside is by far my favorite thing he’s done.

Well, after a few months off, he’s back to posting some of these great performances again, and this time, it’s a two for one.

The first song is a cut from his 2014 debut album Service Engine. Titled “In My Skin,” it’s a beautiful contemplation on love lost and the lingering effects of a heart completely broken.

She’s in my skin
She’s in my skin
Try askin’ me if I ever let her in
The nights are gettin’ hazy
My days are gettin’ dim
She’s in my skin
She’s in my skin…”

The second song is unreleased, and even though he said it’s changed a bit since this recording, it sounds pretty damn good to me…

The song is a wayward tramp through the mind of a restless soul. John’s played every bit of the part, so you know these words were written from a place of truth, and boy, do they hit home.

I’ve been tired of standing in the doorway
But I couldn’t stand to let it shut on me
You can visit anytime, but you cannot stay
I heard that wayward wind blowing through the trees
I went looking for the outset of the breeze”

The man doesn’t miss…

Here’s to hoping for some new John R. Miller music this year.

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A beer bottle on a dock