Tourist + Moron = Touron… And Yellowstone National Park Has A LOT Of Them

A couple of people stand near a horse

Ever see a video of a tourist at a National Park and all you can do is shake your head?

I mean, what is with these folks?

They go into completely wild environments and act like they know what’s going on. No ma’am, that bull elk will kill you, the bison will hit you like a truck, and that grizzly bear is not a Teddy…

It’s funny, annoying, and scary all in one when you see a tourist do some stupid shit trying to get a photo of wildlife. We all know you’re not a professional photographer so please tell me why you’re putting your life on the line for a few photos for the ‘Gram?

It just ain’t worth it, not even a little…

On a typical internet search for all thing’s wildlife, a video surfaced on my feed. The video itself was nothing special, but I came across a term I hadn’t seen or heard before, “Touron.”

It’s pretty simple… Tourist + Moron = Touron.

Not only does Touron roll oddly smooth off the tongue, but it also really is just the perfect description of all the people who ignore the painfully obvious signs of what to do, and not do, with the wildlife.

However, wherever there is a Touron with a cell phone, there’s probably someone else close by capturing the stupidity.

These videos are living proof of the kind of idiots that walk into National Parks on a daily basis. It is not a zoo, there are no cages for a reason, these animals have the ability to seriously harm you…

This first one with a fella trying to scare a mother black bear off is insane. Rule number one is stay away from a mother and her young. You are just asking to get attacked…

You can see a mother bear and her three cubs. The man walks around a vehicle to try and scare a bear. Two big no-no’s. Don’t approach a mother bear, or try to scare any bear. That’s a good way to, oh, I don’t know… die?

In this case the man got off lucky. She just bluff charged and slapped at the man as he ran off.

Grade A Touron.

This next one is a full herd of Tourons walking out into a full herd of bison…

Just asking for trouble… come on people, be better.

But some get even scarier than with actual physical altercations happening.

This man walked up to a moose on a snowmobiling trail. I think we’ve all seen what a moose can get like in that situation in the winter…

The largest member of the deer family has kick as deadly as an MMA fighter, trying to pet one is a terrible idea, especially in the winter when they get easily tired out and annoyed.

And finally, some of them end fairly hilarious.

This lady has got to at least be able to see the math in this equation. A fully grown bull elk has the ability to mess you up. The picture from far away should be good enough…

This is an adrenaline rush I will seek elsewhere.

The lists could go on and on…

Either way, I’m very happy to have stumbled upon the word Touron, it’s just so perfect.

Friggin’ Tourons….

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