Black Bear Gets Trapped In SUV For 6 Hours In North Carolina, Eats Kids Homework & Pees On Textbook

A car that has crashed

Talk about bad luck…

Black bears are always messing around with human objects looking for a slip up where there’s food laying around.

They love to get into garbage cans, sheds, camps, houses, and especially cars if they can. This time it happened to be an SUV parked outside someone’s house in Buncombe County, North Carolina according to Fox17.

Ashley McGowin went to let her dogs out in the morning when she noticed her vehicles hazards lights were on. She went out with her husband to see what was going on.

They found a Black bear on the inside of the SUV.. it punched through the window and climbed out.

McGowin managed to get part of it on video as the bear climbs out of the SUV. It climbs up on the hood of the vehicle unphased by the barking dogs.

What is even crazier is how badly destroyed the SUV is. I mean, bears are known to be a little bit destructive, but this SUV was completely destroyed.

That would be a fun one explaining to insurance…

It gets even better though.

McGowin figures the bear was trapped for about SIX hours because the neighbors heard a car alarm around midnight. That’s a long time to be locked in a car, it’s no wonder everything was destroyed.

There is one positive in this though. McGowins son Seth, had homework in the vehicle and it got mangled.

“The bear, sadly, peed on the book I was reading at school… and ate my homework.”

That doesn’t sound that bad… The wrecked interior would be though.

I guess I’m keeping my doors locked for the bears now.

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