Animal Rights Protestor Dressed As NBA Ref Gets Tackled The Second She Stepped On The Court At Timberwolves Game

How do these animal rights freaks keep getting courtside tickets?

For the third time in just a little over a week, an animal rights activist has stormed the court at the Minnesota Timberwolves game.

Angry over the farming practices of Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor’s chicken farm in Iowa, we saw a woman glue herself to the court, we saw another chain herself to the hoop during Game 1 of the Timberwolves-Grizzlies series, and last night, during Game 2 of the Timberwolves Grizzlies series, a woman dressed as a ref tried to “call a foul” and “eject” Glen Taylor from the game.

She never had a chance to tee him up.

In fact, due to some top-notch security, she barely even got a foot on the floor.

Here’s another angle… keep your eyes on the second row behind Glen Taylor:

Another woman who was filming the protest was also removed from the stadium.


According to a press release from Direct Action Everywhere, the organization responsible for the protests, the stunt was in response to the 5.3 million chickens that were killed after a bird flu outbreak:

“Zemmel’s makeshift referee jersey had the jersey number 5.3 displayed on the back, in honor of the 5.3 million chickens killed at Rembrandt following an outbreak of “highly pathogenic avian influenza” (HPAI).

DxE’s video shows birds on-site which survived “ventilation shutdown plus” (VSD+), a mass killing method whereby ventilation openings in the industrial sheds full of birds are closed, and some combination of heat, steam and/or carbon dioxide gas are introduced, eventually killing the animals via suffocation.

Dozens of surviving birds were found still in their cages, running loose in the sheds, even buried alive.”


Here’s the culprit, Sasha Zemmel from St. Louis, Missouri.

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