Koe Wetzel & Company Chug Some Twisted Teas, Drunkenly Try To Raid… The Wrong Bus

Koe Wetzel country music

I could hardly even watch the video of Koe Wetzel chugging a 14% ABV Joose (a 24 oz. flavored malt liquor beverage).

Like, seriously, the man is a different breed…

But he recently put out a full, 10-minute video of the series of events both before and after he and some of his band members pounded multiple cans of the alcoholic beverage, as well as a few Twisted Tea’s, and it took quite a turn in the end.

Needless to say, they were all wasted, and had the brilliant drunk idea to sneak onto their openers, Pecos and The Rooftops, bus at a random gas station to demand their “chug buds”.

Well, clearly it didn’t quite work out as planned, or else you wouldn’t be reading this right now…

As it turns out, it was the wrong bus, and you can kinda see Koe turn around when he realizes what happened as a couple of them yell “Go, go, go, go!” Koe repeatedly says “my bad, my bad”, as he exits the bus, and it’s freakin’ hysterical.

Luckily, Koe’s manager and another band member speak Spanish and were able to talk to the driver and explain what happened. Then, Koe comes back and talks to one of the guys whose bus it was, apologizing again and eventually, they invite him back to their bus to chug some more with the band.

Apparently, that bus looked identical to Pecos’, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say I guess it’s a mistake that could be made drunk or sober.

All’s well that ends well, I guess…

Koe recently released his newest single, “April Showers”:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock