Willie Nelson Relishes In The Fact That “Dusty Bottles” Get Better With Age On New Song From Forthcoming Album

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Willie Nelson has proven that age is just a number time and again.

And today, he’s dropping a new song from his forthcoming 97th studio album (yes, you read that right), A Beautiful Time, that’s slated to drop next Friday on his 89th birthday.

“Dusty Bottles” finds Willie appreciating his age and detailing all of the life lessons he’s learned by getting older.

Because, while it’s fun and exciting to be young and free, that doesn’t really compare with the wisdom you gain from living life and experiencing real trials and hardships through the years:

“There’s something to be said for gettin’ older
Dusty bottles pour a finer glass of wine
An old beat-up guitar just sounds better
And wisdom only comes with time
I can spot mistakes before they happen
Separate the BS from the truth
I’m learnin’ when I need to keep my mouth shut
Like I couldn’t in my wild and wasted youth”

Willie coming through with some fantastic advice and perspective on this Friday morning… you gotta love it:

He previously released “I’ll Love You Till The Day I Die”, “Energy Follows Thought” and “Tower Of Song” from the new album

A Beautiful Time tracklist:

1.  I’ll Love You Till the Day I Die
2.  My Heart Was a Dancer
3.  Energy Follows Thought
4.  Dreamin’ Again
5.  I Don’t Go to Funerals
6.  A Beautiful Time
7.  We’re Not Happy (Till You’re Not Happy)
8.  Dusty Bottles
9.  Me and My Partner
10. Tower of Song
11. Live Every Day
12. Don’t Touch Me There
13. With a Little Help From My Friends
14. Leave You With a Smile

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A beer bottle on a dock