Travis Tritt Teams Up With Chris Janson For A ’90s Honky-Tonk Heater, “Things You Can’t Live Without”

Awe hell, hand me a Bud Heavy for this one.

Chris Janson just teamed up with Travis Tritt, for a collaboration that will take you straight back to the glory days of country music, the ’90s.

The two released a honky-tonkin’, boot-stompin’ banger called “Things You Can’t Live Without,” and it’s so good it’ll make you slap your mama (kidding, please don’t do that).

As the duo sings about the important things in life, the song is filled with sweet electric guitar riffs, steel guitar, a kickass harmonica solo, and everything that made ’90s country the best era of country music ever.

Jason has released a handful of new songs since his 2019 album Real Friends, and of course, Tritt’s latest album, Set In Stone, came to us last year, his first album in over a decade.

Also, is that David Lee Murphy slingin’ drinks behind the bar?

Do yourself a favor and give this one a listen, this is a for sure addition to your weekend beer drinkin’ playlist:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock