‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Is Reportedly Costing Netflix A Mind Boggling $30 Million An Episode

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Netflix is known for making serious investments into TV shows, but sheesh, this is on a different level.

According to the Wall Street JournalStranger Things has reportedly cost the streaming service a mind boggling $30 million an episode.

The fourth season will feature nine episodes split into two volumes, which means it will cost Netflix as much as $270 million.

That’s just a slight bit more than the $6 million it cost them for the first season of Stranger Things back in 2017.

If this report is 100% accurate, this means the show is more expensive than the majority of movies that are released, including every Marvel movie besides three Avengers films.

Game of Thrones, which is the most expensive TV series ever made, only cost $15 million per episode for the final season.

This could be a serious financial problem for the streaming service, as the company’s stock dropped a whopping 35% yesterday after a massive exodus of subscribers, resulting in Netflix losing $54 million in market cap.

The price per share ended at $226.19 yesterday, the lowest Netflix has seen since 2018.

Stranger Things season four, Vol. 1 hits Netflix on May 27, with Vol. 2 dropping July 1.

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