Chihuahua Named TobyKeith Sets Record For The Oldest Living Dog On Earth

Dog toby keith

Toby Keith, that’s one old dog right there.

And no, I’m not talking about “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” Toby Keith, I’m talking about a chihuahua from Florida, who just so happens to share the country singer’s name, and is currently the oldest dog on this planet.

According to USA Today, TobyKeith was born on January 9th, 2001, and was 21 years old and 66 days old on March 16th, when he was crowned by Guinness World Records as the oldest dog alive.

His owner, Gisela Shore, told the outlet:

“People can’t believe how good he looks for his age. The thought that my little guy has reached such a milestone is fantastic! I am thrilled.”

Shore adopted Mr. TobyKeith at a shelter when he was a puppy, after an elderly couple could no longer take care of him.

She continued:

“I was introduced to a tiny tan Chihuahua. They had named him Peanut Butter. I later changed his name to TobyKeith.”

Fast forward two decades later, and Shore’s friends and family began to wonder if the dog was the oldest alive, considering their average life expectancy is 12-18 years.

Sure enough, Guinness confirmed the wild feat.

Shore said that good genetics, a healthy diet, and a loving home are the secrets to TobyKeith’s old age.

Needless to say, he got to live the dream on the record breaking day, with his daily morning walk, a slice of turkey (his favorite snack), and a few more short walks before curling up next to his owner as she worked.

Although TobyKeith has a heart condition, Shore said it doesn’t bother him much.

Now we’re all hoping that the legendary dog can keep his streak alive for a while longer.

Cue up the “Big Dog Daddy.”

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