Miranda Lambert, Kip Moore & Brothers Osborne Cover Little Feat’s “Willin'” Like Nobody’s Business

Where the hell has this video been all my life?

Back in 2016, Miranda Lambert, Brothers Osborne and Kip Moore performed a knockout cover of Little Feat’s “Willin'”.

Written by Lowell George while still a member of Mothers of Invention, it was eventually recorded by Little Feat and released on their 1971 self-titled debut album.

Though the song was never officially put out as a single, it became a popular track to cover live and on several studio albums by artists like Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, Phish, Eric Church and Cody Canada, among plenty of other greats.

Miranda, TJ, John and Kip sang it at a stop on her Keeper of the Flame tour in Hartford, Connecticut, and damn if they don’t make a hell of a trio of acts.

What do we have to get these four back on the road together again?

I’ve always loved this song, but hearing them sing it together is next level… I’m pretty obsessed. I’ve watched it no less than 10 times already, and I’m pretty sure it’s never gonna get old.

If you wanna talk about some of the best artists in all of Nashville (even still today), here’s proof all four of them are at the very top of that list:

The original:

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A beer bottle on a dock