Mike Tyson Beats The Hell Out Of Annoying Drunk Passenger Sitting Behind Him On An Airplane


Why do people insist on testing Iron Mike?

Mike Tyson unleashed hell on some bozo last night on an airplane, and it feels like it’s 1999 all over again.

Video footage has surfaced of Tyson repeatedly punching a highly intoxicated airplane passenger, who was allegedly continuously provoking the famed boxer.

According to TMZ, the incident happened at 10:30 PM PT, as Tyson was set to fly out of San Francisco International Airport to Florida. A witness said when Tyson and his friend originally boarded the flight, he was super friendly with everyone on the plane, even taking a selfie with the pest.

Then, an already intoxicated man was constantly trying to talk to and provoke the 55-year-old as he sat behind him.

Needless to say, Tyson had enough of the guy, and told him to chill…

And when the passenger didn’t, Tyson began to throw several punches to the man’s face, bloodying up the side of his head, and leaving him with this stupid pouty look on his face.

The witness said the former boxer walked off the plane seconds later. The passenger allegedly received medical attention, and went to the police to discuss the incident.

There is still no word from law enforcement so far.

I guess there just isn’t enough psychedelic toad venom on the planet to keep ol’ Tyson chill for good.

The look on this dipshit’s face after getting pummeled by Mike Tyson… priceless.

Certified Lunatic Wants To Fight Mike Tyson At Comedy Club

People been hounding Mike lately…

According to TMZ, this raging lunatic was trying to get Iron Mike to fight him (terrible idea), and when the host of the comedy club tried to throw him out of there, he did the unthinkable.

He pull a gun from his waistband, cocked it, and that sent people ducking.

And how did Tyson respond?

No, he doesn’t charge at the man and send him in the afterlife… rather, he let the dude with the gun talk, as he sat there in silence and heard him out, and then… gave him a hug?

Eventually, another person told the gun toting dude to leave.

In fears that the man was lurking outside of the comedy club, waiting to start controversy, people began to file out of the establishment, including Tyson after awhile.

Absolutely bananas…

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