John Moreland Announces New Album ‘Birds In The Ceiling,’ Releases Lead Single “Ugly Faces”

Angelina Castillo

You want to get neck deep in those feels, throw on some John Moreland.

The dude just knows how to make a grown man cry…

The Tulsa, Oklahoma based singer/songwriter is gearing up to release his sixth album, Birds In The Ceiling, on July 22nd.

Produced by Matt Pence, the album’s style is a continuation of the ambient sound from Moreland’s successful 2020 album, LP5, with a strong focus on Moreland’s own guitar playing, both acoustic and electric. With a mix of several genres, like folk, retro-pop, rock, roots, and some drum-programming, the album may be his most diverse, but that signature, deeply-compelling is present throughout.

According to Moreland, a number reads like a conversation he’s having with himself in the mirror, taking an introspective  look at the man he has become, personal struggles he faces, commentaries on society, and everything in between.

With that being said, he dropped the lead single, “Ugly Faces,” today, setting the tone for the new project.

Give it a listen:

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A beer bottle on a dock