Texas College Baseball Pitcher Levels Batter Rounding Third Who Smashed A Homerun Off Him

We all love a good baseball fight every now and then.

I mean c’mon, you might not have a pulse if you don’t get fired up when a batter charges the mound after getting intentionally hit by a pitch, and the dugouts clear and everybody’s throwing hands.

Aside from the fines and black eyes from getting punched in the face amongst the players, it’s high quality entertainment for us sitting in the stands, or watching from our couches.

However, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life.

Earlier today, Weatherford was squaring off against North Central Texas College for a Texas college baseball showdown.

Shit hit the fan in the sixth inning, when Weatherford took the lead after a go ahead homerun from first baseman Josh Phillips.

Pitcher Owen Woodward didn’t take too kindly to the two-run blast, and as Phillips rounded third base, Woodward charged at Phillips full speed and plowed over the player, like he was Vontaze Burfict or something.

It would’ve been a 15-yard penalty and an ejection if it was football.

You can’t help but think that Phillips said or did something after the homerun to piss Woodward off, but there’s really no telling considering the video is shot from the press box.

Sure enough, after the benches separate the two, Phillips completes his homerun trot and touches home, as Woodward was escorted off the field.

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