Justin Moore And Casey Beathard Team Up With Marine Veteran For “Miss Those Memories”

Big Machine Label Group has paid tribute to veterans and active-duty members of the military in a pretty epic way, by teaming up with CreatiVets, a nonprofit Nashville-based charity that supports veterans who struggle with PTSD and depression from fighting overseas.

Since last year, the two groups have teamed up with a number of country artists for the musical therapy campaign, releasing one veteran-written song a month, honoring those who’ve fought, and currently fighting for our freedom.

With that being said, Justin Moore and Casey Beathard are the latest artists to answer the call, with the release of a new song titled “Miss Those Memories.”

The song was written by Marine vet Lloyd Howard Jr., along with Moore, Beathard, and CreatiVets co-founder Richard Casper.

It’s based on the struggles Howard suffers from every day, after he suffered traumatic brain injury while on duty in Iraq. He says the hardest part for him is remembering to do daily tasks.

He weighed in on the collaboration:

“I suffered a traumatic brain injury, and the biggest factor is not being able to remember daily activities, like whether or not I ate or brushed my teeth.

When I shared my story with Justin and Casey during our session, they took the words I was saying and turned them into these inspiring lyrics.

It felt like a true collaboration, and I will never forget it.”

Give it a listen:

A few months back Carson Daly went in depth with CreatiVets co-founder Richard Casper as well as Lloyd Howard Jr., for NBC’s Today Show.

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