Yellowstone Star Ryan Bingham Joins Remi Warren For Epic Hawaiian Axis Deer Hunt

Last year, actor and country musician Ryan Bingham was in Hawaii with Remi Warren, one of the biggest names in the hunting world.

On the Island of Lanai, the two set out for one of the tastiest game meats in the entire animal kingdom… axis deer.

The project is titled “Hunt, Catch, Cook,” and as Warren explains in the video, it goes beyond just killing something to eat… it’s about the unity and camaraderie that all hunters share with each other.

It’s friendship, food, storytelling… so much more than pulling the trigger or letting an arrow fly. However, when you finally do have to pull the trigger or drop the string, you can grill your own teriyaki venison backstop like Ryan and Remi.

After their successful hunting trip, Bingham and Warren also hit the water to do a little saltwater fishing too.

The video concludes with an acoustic jam session that features Bingham’s hit song “Southside of Heaven,” however the video also featured Bingham’s “Nothing Holds Me Down,” and “Got Damn Blues.”

“Remi joins up with singer/song writer and actor from the TV show Yellowstone, Ryan Bingham, as they head out for some island hunting.

Together they hunt, catch & cook everything that the island provides, and meet up with another hunter along the way.”

Of course, Ryan Bingham is a Grammy and Oscar-winning artist, but he’s also garnered a ton of attention for his role as Walker on the Paramount Network series, Yellowstone.

Season 5 of Yellowstone, which is set to start filming in Montana this coming May, is expected to be premiering sometime this fall.

Bingham is also rumored to be starring in a spinoff for the show, based on the Four Sixes Ranch down in Texas.

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