West Virginia Fisherman Catches State Record Blue Catfish

A man holding a fish
Cody Carver

Ya love to see it…

Records on records being broken every year.

That’s one of the many reasons we keep on fishing every year. Despite the environment changing everywhere, there are a lot of areas where wildlife seems to continue to thrive. These continuous state records that are broken all over the country is great.

Not only do we get to see an amazing catch but also have hope that your local area could produce a record animal someday with lots of time and dedication put in.

Already in 2022 many records have been broken. I don’t care what it is, its great to see big fish being caught. Like the other Blue Catfish record in Mississippi, this 12-year catching a big ol’ Sturgeon or the monster Paddlefish in Missouri.

Outdoor Life says Cody Carver from West Virginia caught a 61-pound state record Blue Catfish on April 8th of this year.

A video on Facebook shows Carver weighing in the fish when he lands back on the docks.

It weighs in at 61.2 pounds. Everyone is super pumped when they see it.

“You got it”

Yes, yes he did. The previous record had been 59.7 pounds caught in 2016.

The fish measured a little short on the length record but still had an impressive weight.

This is a great catch!

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A beer bottle on a dock