Quick-Thinking Plumber Kicks Mountain Lion In The Head To Save Dog From Vicious Attack

A dog looking at the camera
Ian Orser

That poor dog.

Red, a Ridgeback-German Shepherd cross, experienced a life-threatening situation recently, after being the victim of a cougar attack in Grand Forks, British Columbia, according to CBC.

Red’s owner Ian Orser, a 69-year-old local plumber in the area, was working in a residential neighborhood near Christina Lake on April 9th when him and his 40-year-old daughter, Megan, heard a loud commotion full of howling going on outside.

He ran outside, only to find Red struggling with a cougar, with her head being practically swallowed by the wild animal.

Orser told the outlet:

“We thought it was a dog fight at first. My daughter went down there, and she just yelled, ‘It’s a cougar!’

The only thing I could think of doing was to kick it in the head. If I would have thought about it, I probably wouldn’t have ran over there. But I just had to save our dog.”

Luckily enough, the kick was just enough to startle the cougar, but it stuck around.

Orser said he then swung a stick at the big cat, but it still wouldn’t run off. He and his daughter then grabbed Red and the other two dogs with them, hopped in his truck, and headed straight to the vet.

Red was treated for her wounds, and Orser says she is doing fine now.

However, he believes that if it were his other two dogs, both springer spaniels, the situation would’ve been much worse.

He said:

“I think they would have been dead because they are a lot smaller.”

Orser reported the incident to conservation officers, and the B.C. Conservation Officer Service confirmed that they had received numerous reports of a cougar in that specific residential area.

They tracked the cougar down, and were forced to put it down due to the safety risk to the public.

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