Two Wild Turkeys Hilariously Bully Man Into Hiding In A Colorado Subway

Wildlife sometimes makes no sense.

It’s one of the things the keep us chasing after them. However, sometimes it ends up with them chasing us.

It’s amusing to think that sometimes the wildest encounters happen right in the towns we live in, not the remote places far from anyone or in the depths of the great wilderness.

The ongoing urban expansion really means that there will continue to be more and more encounters in urban settings. Our desire to clear land and have open areas with buildings mean that these encounters will be far more visible than if occurring in the forest.

This video is a good one for a laugh…

A young man in Manitou Springs, Colorado, can be seen with his back to the direction he wants to go while two turkeys seemingly chase him down. The man takes a couple lunges at the turkeys in an effort to scare them off. It turns out unsuccessful as they keep coming forward.

The man makes it to the door of a Subway restaurant and thinks of a plan to get inside. With his back to the door and front to the turkeys he carefully chooses a door to open. He lunges to scare them and slips inside the store.

I can only imagine the person filming this was in tears watching it.

I hope this guy made it out fine when he finally got his sub… it looked like the turkeys ran off but they might have been waiting for him.

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