Riley Green Plays Stripped Back Version Of His New Song, “Hell Of A Way To Go”

Riley Green country music

Riley Green has been teasing this one for a while now…

And I can only hope it’s because it will be featured on some sort of studio album he might be working on.

He released his first live album recently, We Out Here: Live, that was recorded at a show on his current We Out Here tour in Huntsville, Alabama, which included one new song, “Hell Of A Way To Go”.

Yesterday, Riley posted an acoustic video of it, explaining a little bit about the sentiment of the track and what inspired him to write it:

“If my granddaddy could’ve left this world while he was either watchin Alabama play football, fishin on Weiss lake or just sittin in the carport with my grandmother I know he would’ve been happy.”

Riley’s debut studio album, Different ‘Round Here, was released almost three years ago in mid-2019, and other than his Behind the Bar EP that he put out last year and the aforementioned live album, he’s been pretty quiet in terms of new music or any news regarding the possibility of new stuff.

There are still so many good unreleased tunes he has just waiting to be officially recorded and I need more…

Check out the live recording of the new tune if you haven’t already:

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A beer bottle on a dock