Garth Brooks Says He’s Wants To Play 75 Dive Bars Next Tour: “The Most Fun You Can Have That’s Somewhat Legal”

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Looks like Garth Brooks is hanging up the stadium tours for good.

The famed country singer announced at a press conference that his 2022 Stadium Tour will be his last, citing issues with cancellations and rescheduling due to the pandemic and weather.

With only a few shows left to announce, he also noted that he’d much rather play indoor venues, so rescheduling due to weather won’t ever be an issue again.

He said:

“We’re down to three cities lift to announce on the Stadium Tour, this is the last year for it.

Anybody that bitches about anything in this business should be slapped, so I’m trying not to complain at all. Put a stadium out here comes the pandemic, here comes the weather, it’s all the things you never had to worry about, when you got to play indoor, right?

That’s the only reason. It just seems like, for the band and crew? It’s too much… they’re not complaining whatsoever, but for me watching them do all this, I’d much rather have a roof over my head… it’s better for the band and crew, and it’s better for the people that come to see you.”

So much like his 2014 return to country music, the next time Garth Brooks is coming to town, you can probably expect a handful of dates in the same weekend.

When Garth kicked off the Garth Brooks World Tour in Chicago back in 2014, he played 11 shows in less than two weeks, with multiple dates featuring back to back shows on the same night.

Two shows in one night is a tall order, but it sounds like Garth might prefer that over the stadium shows.

But if he has it his way, he might just go back to dive bars:

“If there was going to be another tour, I’d like to go to dive bars, 75 of them… let’s line ’em up and let’s go. Those are the most fun you can have that’s somewhat legal.”

Love me a good dive bar…

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