Eric Church Opens Up About His Friendship With Morgan Wallen: “He’s A Genuine Person, And Real Honest”

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Eric Church and Morgan have formed a solid friendship over the last year or two.

From golfing and playing shows together, Eric (who Morgan has called “the best fucking country music singer that ever lived”) has become a mentor to Morgan since he’s found himself in all sorts of trouble after his quick rise to country music superstardom.

Eric recently sat down with Lon Helton of Country Countdown USA to discuss his friendship with Morgan, among other things, saying that they click because he’s so genuine:

“There are a lot of these younger guys that I’ve become friends with. With Morgan, we talk weekly. The thing I like about him is he’s a genuine person, and real honest.

We enjoy spending time together. We go fishing, we’ve written songs, and it’s become a neat friendship for me.”

In terms of advice, Eric told Morgan he should allow himself a little bit of leeway in terms of his actions, but added that he still needs to set some boundaries in order to really become successful:

“I just told him to keep it about the music. A lot of people told him to keep it between the lines, and I told him ‘Screw the lines, keep it between the buoys. Lines are too tight. Let’s do buoys.’ 

He’s doing very well. I think anyone who spends time with him will get a genuine person, and I appreciate that.”

Eric also discussed his decision to cancel an arena show in San Antonio, Texas, so he could take his kids to the Duke North Carolina Final Four game. Of course, there were varied opinions about the decision, and it ultimately became a national news story.

Eric has a new, free show scheduled for the fans that he canceled on, and thankfully, he was (mostly) vindicated for the decision after Carolina ended up winning.

He noted that the Tar Heels:

“Saved my bacon by winning.”

Truer words have never been spoken…

Eric and Morgan most recently performed “Quittin’ Time” and “Smoke A Little Smoke” at Morgan’s Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena show:

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