Crocodile Wows Onlookers When It Snags A Massive Bat Right Out Of The Air

Wildlife is nuts.

I mean, I could scroll through YouTube all day just searching for the craziest wildlife encounters and I’d never run out of things to find.

The things predators can do just to get something lower on the food chain is unbelievable.

Now ordinarily, you wouldn’t think that a bat would be a cornerstone of a crocodile’s diet, and you’d probably be  right. But that doesn’t mean a croc won’t seize the moment when the opportunity presents itself.

Exhibit A… this one in particular is from Australia.

The video is a bit blurry but you can see clearly that it is a waterway with boats and black things flying everywhere. You can hear the people talking about a crocodile.

Then they lose it as the crocodile which is said to be a bat. Out of the air while its flying….

You can see it come up and grab it.

The women loses it, amazed she captured it on video.

“Ahhh, I got it”

As she zooms in the croc is munching back on the bat and it seems to like the taste.

I guess the bat got a little to close to the water. The women is shocked by what she witnessed.

“I did not think I would ever see that”

That is pretty rare to witness.

But, here’s the other thing… lets take a second to think about how big those bats are…

I mean, Australia is just loaded with terrifying creatures, most of which, are more than capable of killing you.

What a wild place…

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