American Aquarium Release Music Video For New Single, “All I Needed”

American Aquarium dropped a brand new banger this morning.

And this afternoon, they put out a music video to go along with the lead single, “All I Needed” from their upcoming album, Chicamacomico.

Frontman BJ Barham already mentioned that the theme of this new album will be about loss, and that this is definitely the most upbeat song on the tracklist, and I love every single second of it.

If you’ve ever had a song serendipitously come on the radio just when you needed to hear it that stopped you in your tracks, and I think we’ve all been there a time or two, this song is for you. The music video takes you on a journey with three separate characters who are all going through different trials in life.

But, the one thing that makes it a little bit easier for each of them is music and knowing that they’re not completely alone in what they’re going through.

The opening verse sums it up best:

“I turned the radio on,
And out come a song I didn’t recognize,
The way the singer was singing, 
My heart was connected, I was hypnotized,
How can something that I’ve never heard in my life,
Pull me back into the light?”

One of my favorite lines from the great Miranda Lambert is “music is medicine,” and this song is a fantastic (and really fun) example of that.

Check out the new video:

Chicamocomico tracklist:

1. Chicamocomico
2. Little Things
3. Just Close Enough
4. The First Year
5. Built to Last
6. Wildfire
7. The Things We Lost Along the Way
8. Waking Up the Echoes
9. The Hardest Thing
10. All I Needed

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